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Strongly recommend good tea for nourishing the liver, cassia seed chrysanthemum tea 【Recipe】cassia seed, honeysuckle, chrysanthemum, burdock root, wolfberry, sweet-scented osmanthus. Select 6 kinds of raw materials, more than ten kinds of ingredients and medicinal materials.

[Suitable for] staying up late to work overtime, looking bad, prone to acne, smelly mouth, poor condition, hair loss, freckles, grumpy, lower blood pressure!

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Cassia Chrysanthemum Tea

Handmade, delicious and healthy!

【Cassia chrysanthemum tea is a kind of healthy tea drink】

Contains 6 main herbs

Chrysanthemum: It can clear heat, clear liver and eyesight, and detoxify

Cassia: Eliminate liver heat and accumulation of liver toxins

Honeysuckle: Reduce liver fire, clear liver and gallbladder

Burdock root: Anti-inflammatory and analgesic, warming and nourishing liver and kidney

Osmanthus fragrans: Clearing the liver and purging fire, soothing the liver and relieving depression

Goji berries: Promote the repair of liver damage

It has the effects of improving eyesight, lowering blood pressure, laxative, clearing heat and detoxifying.

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